Nokia Lumia 1020

With 64 GB of internal memory, high-end smartphone from Nokia comes to Brazil in October.

It is a fact that the camera is one of the most used features by who has a smartphone. Just see how much images shared every day on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Who likes high quality photography, however, remains faithful to the traditional digital cameras.

But Lumia 1020, Nokia bet that that could change. The cell phone will be available in October at, but the price has not been disclosed.

With 41 megapixel camera, even those who do not know much about photography can take pictures of great quality. On the other hand, those who have more knowledge can benefit from advanced controls 1020 camera to take better pictures.

Check below the product review.

In favour:

-41-megapixel camera with xenon flash and Carl Zeiss Optics;
-64 GB of internal memory;
-Excellent photo editing applications;


-Few popular applications;
-Separate camera applications;
-Curl on the back may annoy those who prefer a smartphone.


For those who already are accustomed to seeing the line smartphones Lumia, with rear made of polycarbonate in vibrant colors, the Lumia 1020 does not bring major changes. This can be positive if the user is a fan of Nokia’s design. On the other hand, this similarity gives the 1020 1 visual “generic”, without a striking feature.

The big difference in the design of Lumia 1020 is the rear camera of the device. The optical Assembly takes up more space than an ordinary camera.

So, the 1020 has a buckle on the back. On top of the camera there is a larger flash, xenon, the same used in digital cameras and rare in smartphones (which in your most use flash LED).

An interesting accessory is a protective cover that allows you to transform your smartphone into a kind of compact digital camera. Made of polycarbonate in several colors, the cover is not ergonomic adds too much weight and still brings 20% more battery life.

The cover includes a larger button to activate the camera, microUSB connection for charging the extra battery and threaded for tripod. Unfortunately, however, the attachment is not included in the product. There is still no price set for Brazil, but the cover is $ $86.90 (approximately R $197) in the USA.


The Nokia smartphone comes equipped with 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor S4 of, the same used in most basic models of the line Lumia, as Lumia 625. Despite chip with multiple cores, like other high-end competitors, the operating system Windows Phone 8 wheel without gagging or slow and the camera is triggered quickly.

Surfing the web is a satisfactory experience, especially with the 4 g connection of the device, compatible with the frequency adopted in Brazil. The product will reach the Country with 64 GB of internal memory, expandable via microSD memory card 64 GB. Windows Phone 8 system holds 2 GB of internal memory, so that leaves 62 GB for music, photos, videos, and applications.

Nokia promises a duration up to 16 GB battery stand-by or more or less 6 hours of viewing videos. During the tests, after about 10 hours of photographs, web browsing by connecting 4 g and connection sharing with a tablet, smartphone still showed half of the battery charge. It’s a good performance considering the duration of battery by other competitors.


The 4.5-inch screen of Lumia 1020 has high resolution (1,280 x 768 pixels), with a density of 334 pixels per inch, greater than that offered by iPhone 5S, newly released by Apple. She uses AMOLED technology and has a ratio of 15:9.

As with all smartphones Lumia, the LCD line is curved at the sides to allow a greater viewing angle. The overall result of the screen is good, with bright colors and sensitivity, although the resolution is lower than that of some high-end smartphones of competitors such as the Galaxy S4 (1,920 x 1,080 pixels).


The operating system adopted by Lumia 1020 is Windows Phone 8 and, for those who like to be up to date with the new features, it is one of the few handsets that are compatible with the Nokia update Amber. For those who are used to the Windows Phone experience, not much changes, but the overall system seems more stable compared to previous versions.

The lack of popular apps like Instagram still bothers, but Microsoft and Nokia have been struggling to bring good options. The 6tag application, for example, is the first developed by a third party that allows you to access the feed of photos of Instagram and publish directly on the service. Worth a download.

Nokia has also done a good job while developing your own applications for the Windows Phone System. There are 19 options created by the company. The highlight is the Here, which includes great maps applications, and applications to photos (more about them in the camera).


In fact, the camera is the feature that draws the most attention in the Lumia 1020. She is by far the best integrated camera on a smartphone currently on the market. With 41 megapixel resolution sensor (shooting with maximum resolution of 38 megapixels), she has a set of six Carl Zeiss Optics. In addition, the camera uses PureView technology developed by Nokia itself, which significantly improves the quality of images. The xenon flash is like the flashes from digital cameras.

Just for the hardware specifications the camera would convince many photography enthusiasts. However, it is the software that brings free for who’s in order to use your smartphone to take photos with high quality. In addition to the default camera application for the Pro Cam. This application, accessed through a toolbar at the top of the picture, allows you to configure parameters such as ISO and exposure.

See camera features of Lumia 1020

When the user touches an icon set, a semi-transparent circle that lets you adjust the parameter on the screen. Zoom can also be adjusted on own screen, by dragging the finger up (zoom) and down (zoom out).

Although very advanced, the camera only offers 3 x digital zoom and, as with the General mode digital zoom, the result is not of the best.

The main camera of the device even shoot videos in Full HD camera application. in addition, the user can trigger other applications related to photography. The Cinemagrafia (creates animated GIFs) and the Smart Cam (take pictures in motion situation and choose the best) are good options.

Another application from Nokia that the user needs to have is 1020 Lumia Creative Studio. Designed for advanced editing of photos, it has simple and intuitive interface. For example, you can add the background blur effect in two steps. Just draw a white line over the object and a yellow line on the top of the area that should be blurred.

The free app still makes photo collages, adjust brightness and colors, corrects red-eye and creates the “tilt shift” effect (effect that causes some objects appear thumbnail image). Other camera features include the ability to add and change the aspect ratio of the image after photo. The result of the photos is impressive, especially when you’re used to images of common mobile cameras.


Smartphone with camera with camera or smartphone? Both. The camera is definitely the main attraction of the Lumia 1020. But the Windows Phone 8 system with the update Amber leaves something to be desired in this appliance. Applications created by Nokia and the hood that transforms into a compact camera really satisfy those who want to take good pictures, but if it bothers to have a stand-alone digital camera.

However, the lack of third-party applications on Windows Phone 8 is still a factor that can bother you, especially in the case of users accustomed to the variety of shops of Android and the iPhone.


Nokia Lumia 1020

Price: not informed
Configuration: S4 of 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor with two cores, 2 GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory, expandable with memory card 64 GB, 4.5-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1,280 x 768 pixels, rear camera of megapixel front camera 41 for video calls.
Dimensions: 13 x 7.1 x 1 cm
Weight: 158 g
Battery life: More than 24 hours
Items included: data cable and plug the power charger, earphone, intraauricular unit, quick start guide and needle to open chip input microSIM.


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