Nokia D1C Smartphone Features

We talked several times of Nokia D1C, a future anticipated smartphone Nokia with Android, but despite the technical picture seemed clear enough, there was a detail, so far failed, that could rewrite what has been seen so far. Nokia D1C rules would be a smartphone, but a tablet.

Geekbench, where D1C had already appeared, but incompletely, reports in fact that it is a 13.8 “full HD, always with CPU Snapdragon 430 and 3 GB of RAM, as seen previously.

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Note that the photographic industry shows a sensor 16 megapixel rear and one from 8-megapixel front, values too high for a tablet, which makes us raise further doubts about this benchmark, the more that the storage would be only 16 GB , very few for such a Nokia Lumia.

It is short, yet said its last word, but we hope that after so many fleeting chatter, next year will really materialize something. But if you read the timid hopes for the ‘ MWC 2017, as the CEO of Nokia will hold a press conference, do not get your hopes too: the company has pretty much always done, since it deals with something else in addition to smartphones.