Nokia and Microsoft Invite to Lumia/Windows Phone Event

About barely three weeks Microsoft and Nokia stands ready to present news about Windows Phone and Lumia-series.

A few days ago Nokia Director said Stephen Elop, Nokia will continue to focus on the Windows Phone. Now it will be backed by an invitation to a press event in New York.

According to, among other things, our site, Nokia and Microsoft invited the press to a Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone-centric event on Wednesday, January 5. September. On the same day, opens this year’s Nokia World Conference in Helsinki, Finland.
Our site claimed earlier this week that have come into possession of a memo from one of Microsoft’s hardware partners, pointing to a release of the new Windows Phone 8-manage system about 1. October.

It put additional time into speculation about 8-news on Nokia World, and that this coincides with the event in New York has given even more water to the mill.

Our site follows, of course, up at the event.