Nokia 808 Pureview-Camera Phone You Don’t Have to Buy (Mobile Test)

Mini test: Nokia’s camera monster with 41 megapixels camera is great, but you should not buy it. Read here why.

This is not a traditional test, but there is also not a traditional cell phone. Nokia 808 Pureview is more a statement than a true consumer product.

At the mobile Conference Mobile World Congress in February 2012 closed Nokia mouth on the world press, as the out of the blue, launched Nokia 808 Pureview with a camera at 41 megapixels.

The megapixel-race which for several years has marked mobile phone cameras were thus closed. Now it is not about five, eight or 12 megapixels if you must beat the competitor. Now you have to over 41 megapixels. Anything less will be considered as “AW a tiger, we have seen”.

Moreover, it is not about megapixels, but optics, software, sensor and many other things. Often they end up many pixels, with giving a lot of noise on beetles.

System: Symbian – a dead system

One of the reasons you don’t have become acquainted with, and spend money on, Nokia 808 Pureview, is the operating system.

In the case of a telephone system with the Symian ^ 3 (Symbian/Nokia Belle Belle). A system Nokia has put in the background, and is about to execute, in favor of Windows Phone. The manufacturer promises, however, to provide support until 2016.

You must therefore deal with this mobile phone that runs on a dead system that also don’t have app developers ‘ attention. So it is not on this platform, to the different companies will give priority to apps for.

That being said, so the system is absolutely wild flowing – and sweeping stands graphics and images on the four inch big AMOLED screen. In addition, you also get a long battery life and real multitasking.

Internet part, however, I experience as bad and slow. It makes me think of what it was like on Android before Ice Cream Sandwich version.

The camera is an argument?

The camera is complete sales argument for Nokia 808 Pureview, and with Carl Zeiss Optics, Xenon Flash and not the usual precooled photo light most phones have, as well as a sensor on 41 megapixels (when shooting photos in 4:3 format) should be placed in the oven for the best camera experience ever.

And Yes. It is there also. But it is not a point-and-shoot experience this mobile offers, not primarily anyway. There are heaps of options for settings, which requires the large photo exam, in order to get full enjoyment from.

I am in no way photo expert. But I amazed me mightily over that Nokia 808 Pureview from the start, was not set up to 41 megapixels. A swing by options, gave the options “Pureview” and “full resolution”. And directly only in 8 megapixels.

Here we must remember that “Pureview” is not about megapixels, but is a photographic techniques Nokia has created.

When shooting photos with Pureview taken a picture in 34 megapixels resolution (16:9 format) which is then compressed to a 8 megapixels image. On the way, exploited the large sensor.

The full-resolution images 7728 x 4354 pixels is great, if it’s in 16:9 format. The actual images takes up 3-6 megabytes per pack.

How good are the images?

I’m not quite as impressed as I thought I would be. After all, on a good day the images will be fiercely beautiful, but I just don’t sit with open mouth and think they are so amazing.

No – then the law is the law, so are photos taken with Nokia 808 Pureview far better than what other smartphones on the market can come up with, no doubt about it. But it also requires the desire to play with the settings.

You can decide whether you agree, by downloading this zip file with photos. Here you can view the photos in full resolution, and evaluate them on your own computer. Try URf.eks. to take one of the portfolio images, and view it at 100% zoom. Oh, it’s good!

I have also taken some pictures with the Samsung Galaxy S (III) respectively (default settings) and Nokia 808 Pureview (Pureview-fashion) by the same motives. So you can even sit and compare. In the package you will find also some portfolio images at full resolution, which can be zoomed around in.

If you get really creative fashion, and think it’s fun to play with photos, there are many hours of entertainment with this camera. And you will be able to take pictures with the guarantee that no one else in his acquaintances can, with their mobile phone.

My assessment is that if not you need to take paparazzi photos, but just ordinary images, so you can fine clear you with another sensible smartphone that Samsung Galaxy S III or HTC One X.

In addition to the photos we’ve taken, then take a check here on our site, where quite a creative photo enthusiast has been started.

Clumsy mobile

Designed by camera phone from Nokia is in no way an experience. The weight is as high as 169 grams, and with a thickness of almost one and a half centimeters at the thickest point, and it becomes just a lumbering case.

There is a physical lock button on the right side, as well as dedicated camera key and volume control is located at the top of the right side. On the front are pipe-functions as well as a menu key in the middle.

Actually looks like this unit is more of a camera than a mobile phone, and it is probably also the case that it will be bought.


Conclusion: Fun gadget, but not seriously buy

You go wildly obsessed with smartphones, you are not in the target group of the Nokia 808 Pureview, since you so almost guaranteed to throw themselves over a lot of opportunities on the top model-market.Are you photographer, amateur or professional, you’ll probably buy a lot of exciting special equipment in the field of photography – and not a Nokia mobile with a camera.

Therefore, the question is, who actually need to buy this product. I would certainly not – unless it was supposed to be for that bladder me across from friends and acquaintances. And if finally we saw was just madly in the camera, so is Symbian platform as your phone is running on, not interesting.

Nokia 808 Pureview is a statement from Nokia, which since also has said that Pureview technique comes into the other of their smartphones on the Windows Phone System. Surely not to these over time, will be pretty good camera mobiles.

And when all this being said, is the cost of 4,200 to 5,000 dollars without subscription, according to our site, it that scares the last customers away.

The camera in Nokia 808 Pureview the wildest we’ve seen in a mobile phone, but as a whole is not interesting. The camera gets top marks, but the rest of the product should never be sent to market.

The character ends up on 2 out of 6 stars and 808 Pureview is camera phone you don’t need buy.


+ Camera-unique pictures
+ Real Xenon Flash
+ Good monitor

-Operating system on its way out
-Clumsy and large mobile
-App Development is not in focus for this platform