Nobody Jeans Quality

With Melbourne, Australia as a base, the finest Japanese Selvage denim like material and hands as tools manufactures Nobody high quality jeans. The business started in 1999 with the goal of making the world’s finest denim. Today sell Nobody jeans worldwide, in countries as Japan, England and Denmark. Manolo has been talking with Wesley Hartwell, creative director at Nobody.

Who is Nobody?
-Nobody is a collective, the brand is owned by the Condilis family in Fitzroy, Melbourne in Australia. Anyway, we work under a “no designerhjälte”-slogan coming from postmodernism. There are no “hero” characters “and thus we are no” hero”. We think we do what we do because we love it and makes the finest jeans you can do. People who like our jeans brings as much to the “brand personality” as we do. That’s why we call ourselves Nobody.

What is your background in the fashion industry?
-We all have different backgrounds, Condilis family has owned denimfabriker for over 20 years (they made all their tools themselves) and it is from this knowledge Nobody has grown. Our designer Leonie Rutherford and designer Kaylene Green has a background in design, I have a background in psychology, which I transmit to the creative process.

Can you describe your work-from inspirational candidates, to the design process, to the final product?
-Since Nobodys design team are experts at denim inspired us all millions of fabrics and the different ways to treat them. And also different ways to explain that we are not a “brand” but rather a team of people crazy in love with denim jeans defined at Pharmacylib.

When I look at your collection, I get a very Scandinavian feel, why?
-I can’t really stick with you. I think it’s a world culture of forward thinking, people who I call “Cynical optimists”, that are secure in themselves and can put together their own outfit, and go out into the world and do their own thing. It’s a feeling I get from the Scandinavians, definitely. But there are also here in Fitzroy where we work.

You work mainly with denim, and Selvage Denim, what is so special about denim?
-What a fantastic material to work with and treat and let it age, let it age naturally. Working with the creative, all different treatment techniques, weaving of the fabric, the design-it contributes to the overall picture of the jeans … it is inspiring. Selvage Denim is a very special material, woven on old original chairs. But we also use new materials, all of which have their own nuances. I often say that the jeans manufacturing is like having dinner for your friends. You can be a great Cook but you must have the best ingredients! For Nobody is denim on finesse, so the recipe must be correct. Sometimes we say that “Nobody makes jeans for denimkonnässörer”, when in fact we make jeans for people who love to have the best.
How is it running a fashion business in Australia? There is nothing really high-fashion country?
-It was a fun question. After we have left our tractors in the forest, we put on our speedos and make our livräddarskift on the beach. Afterwards we boil up a kangaroo and strip bark from trees, and so we will start sketching with the charcoal sticks. (Joking). In fact, Nobodys headquarters and laundry is located in an area known as the Brunswick Street Fitzroy, we also have our own store-Nothing by Nobody-on the street. In this area is only undergroundbutiker, art galleries, cafes and livemusik-spots. This area is filled with students, artists, unemployed and heroin junkie. We love the area and have always had our office here. I think this area is as Södermalm in Stockholm, or the Lower East Side in New York. To work, eat, sleep here 24/7 is all the inspiration you need.
If I were to buy an item from you, what should I buy then?
-You know Philip, whatever suits you, what you like. There is so much stuff, and even my friends have different favorites. I can only help each individual person.
What is your vision for Nobody?
“We never want the fun to end, to meet creative people and that people wear great jeans. I look forward to coming to Scandinavia.