No Heat Waves

Look perfect waves in the hair is one of the trends in hairstyles that never goes out of fashion, but sometimes to achieved it is necessary to subject the hair to high temperatures that harm, so here we will give some options to show off a hair with waves without using heat.

with Tape

This procedure is very simple, first brush your hair to remove any knots, it is preferable that the hair is still a little wet, put a ribbon in your head as shown and seen tucking hair around until end all and that you have left a kind of Greek chignon, allowed to dry or apply heat to the dryer and remove the tape. Apply some mousse and comb with your hands, you get thick waves and natural.

Rolling up hair

Another good option to make waves without heat, is rolling up the hair and let it dry, then you only have to brush your hair thoroughly and divide it into sections, roll each section and hold it with a pin, you can apply some mousse before wrapping and recalls that the hair has to be a little wet, for a more natural result chooses to roll up the sections of hair with different widths, leaves unrolling longer and see everything with your hands and comb.

Chignon dancer

If you want to wake up with a hairstyle spectacular waves and above all natural, wash your hair before bed and let dry until slightly damp, brush well and apply a little oil for hair and comb with a ponytail, using one handkerchief tied in half, passes the queue and begins to roll from the tip to the league with which you tied to that fits you like the picture, takes the corners of the handkerchief back and attach them to fix the bun. Unravels morning and comb with your fingers, you can apply some hairspray to make you last longer.

Waves with loops

For a lighter waves, this option is ideal, all you have to do is divide your hair into two parts, apply some mousse or wax and start wrapping each part, made this takes your hair to the top of your head and placed pins and leaves as long as possible and then tousled with the fingers.


At night before going to sleep with wet hair, do not very tight braids, you can make several braids or few believe appropriate, take into account that the more braids make the hair to curl more, once braided hair go to sleep and the next day sees undoing each braid, apply a serum or oil for hair and brush to accommodate.

It is advisable to leave each of these procedures as long as possible, ideally do with the hair moist but not too much, you can do it at night and in the morning comb, apply some hairspray or mousse and ready.