No Adobe Flash from Android 4.1-Era for Flash Ending

Flash technology fades away soon from Android. Already in august pulled the Flash component out of Google Play Great, and from the Android is completely over. 4.1 Read about Flash-slump.

Multimedia-Flash technology, which for many has been an argument to choose an Android device, rather than the iPhone, soon disappear from the Android platform. Thus ends an era for Flash on mobiles and smartphones.

From the 15. August 2012 draws Adobe Flash plugin out of their Google Play Big, which affects present and future Android owners.
From the next Android version, 4.1 Jelly Bean, support for Flash altogether, which we already got a taste of back in February, when Google introduced the Chrome browser for Android, where technology was deselected.

The official argument from Adobe is that they look rather see HTML5 as the way forward.

Steve Jobs started Flash-slump

The downturn for Flash began with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, Apple’s refusal to support Flash on their mobile devices. For several years, particularly Adobe struggled to get Flash onto the iPhone, which isn’t managed.

With the introduction of Flash in a mobile version, tried Adobe in 2008 to make the technique interesting on smartphones, which failed.

Nokia and Microsoft came with

Microsoft decided against joining in March 2010 Flash on their mobile platform, Windows Phone 7, and neither does the cooperation with Nokia on the platform in February 2011, brought Flash into the picture. And since Nokia N9 on MeeGo system saw the light of day in the summer of 2011, was Adobe’s technology does not come into heat.

When Android 4.1 Jelly Bean framework consumers, connects the ring, and all the major platforms, has put Adobe’s golden eggs on the shelf.

Flash was founded in the early 90s under the name Smart Sketch. The company behind, FutureSplash in 1996, was acquired by Macromedia, who renamed the product to Flash (contraction of ‘ Future ‘ and ‘ Splash ‘). In 2005 took over the Adobe Systems Macromedia, and was thus also the rights to Flash-tekonologien.