Ninetec Spyforce: Test/Comparison/Evaluation

The  ninetec spyforce 1  is a mini camcorder with live video transmission-the so-called fpv image view. the mini quadrocopter with small dimensions and a typical multicopter control waits.what the ninetec spyforce 1 has on top, clear our  drones test.

Ninetec Spyforce: Test/Comparison/Evaluation

Ninetec Spyforce 1: Drone For Spying?

The Ninetec Spyforce 1 is intended to offer ultimate flight fun, and thanks to the integrated HD camera and WiFi image transmission are also suitable for FPV flights. The Spyforce 1 from Ninetec is waiting with a low price and comparatively high technical equipment. The scope of delivery of the Mini-Quadrocopter includes a German-language manual, tool or screwdriver, propeller, USB charger and WiFi module. The latter is mounted and dismounted by a simple sliding mechanism below the Quadrocopter housing. Here at behealthybytomorrow, the included remote control toy has a smart phone holder, two joysticks, buttons for controlling the camera or photo and video recording as well as a button for the flip or flip function. Only four 1.5 V AA batteries for remote control could have been included in the package at such a comparatively high price.

Technical Specifications

2.4GHz-4 channels

Dimension: 15.5 mm x 15.5 mm x 5 mm

Battery: 3.7V/700 mAh

Camera: 300,000 pixels

Flight time: 5 to 6 minutes

Range: up to 100 meters

Drones with cameras are an extremely popular gadget. A disadvantage of most camera quadrocopters: the price.For high-quality comrades-such as the DJI Mavic Pro or DJI Phantom 4-cost several hundred to a thousand euros.Especially for beginners and drones beginners are therefore more favorable alternatives. The Ninetec Spyforce is such an alternative, because with a price of currently only 69.99 euro, the mini-drone with camera in the favorable segment. The manufacturer supplies practically everything necessary to control the drone. With 15.5 x 15.5 x 5 centimeters, the Spyforce 1 is comparatively small – the same is true for the battery, which has a capacity of just 700 mAh. This gives the Ninetec Spyforce a flight time of five to six minutes. Not too praiseworthy is the recharge time of the battery, which can already last about one and a half hours. However, this can be seen in the range: A flight distance of around 100 meters represents no problem for the mini-drone, as the manufacturer instead of Bluetooth on a WiFi connection.However, the Ninetec Spyforce 1-like most cheaper mini drones-is lacking in a comprehensive sensor system, such as a GPS module. As a result, the control of the quadrocopter presents a small challenge, especially for beginners. The sometimes very nervous flight behavior of the Ninetec Spyforce 1 requires fast and thoughtful control movements. Due to its light weight and the lack of GPS positioning, the Ninetec Spyforce 1 should only be used in windstorm weather conditions or exclusively in indoor areas. If the comrades are used outside, even small gusts of wind provide for unexpected drifting movements.

Control Via Smartphone App

Ninetec offers for both iOS and Android a free smartphone app called cx_wifiufo. Within this app, various settings can be made and the image of the camera viewed in live view. To connect the Quadrocopter to your smartphone, you just need to turn on the drone and connect to the WiFi network called SPYFORCE 1 within your smartphone settings. If the wireless connection between Smartphone and Quadrocopter is active, the corresponding smartphone application can be opened. If the mini-drone is to be maneuvered with the smartphone app or the virtual control stick, the corresponding interface in the upper menu bar must be set to “ON”. We can only recommend the control via app: The interface in the app responds in some cases strongly time-it is better to maneuver the quadrocopter with the physical control sticks of the remote control.

Fpv Image On The Smartphone Screen

The most important feature of the Ninetec Spyforce 1 is undoubtedly the FPV function. To do this, the smartphone is plugged into the holder of the remote control and the corresponding mode selected in the app. Despite a rather sparse camera quality, the FPV view with the mini-drone can be quite impressive. Faster snapshots (no matter whether photo or video) from the air succeed comparatively well-only with low light conditions one must count with strong noise and unsightly interference stripes. In the FPV view, we especially notice the high latency (delay), which makes the flight rather useless via smartphone screen and the fun of the Spyforce 1 spoils.

All Kinds Of Settings

Within the app there are also all kinds of settings available. For example, a photo can be recorded or a video recorded, photos and videos can be accessed at the touch of a button. In addition, the thrust force of the propellers and thus the control sensitivity can be adjusted. The control interface with the virtual joysticks can also be activated or deactivated. Speaking of speed: Not only in the app, but also on the remote control can be varied between low, medium and high speed modes. The selected mode is confirmed acoustically by a single, double or triple beep. If the Salto button is pressed during the flight and a three-tone sound is heard, the Spyforce 1 can also be used to create great somersaults. The direction of the somersault is determined by the control lever-if the lever is pushed in the direction of the somersault, the Ninetec Spyforce moves a somersault forward, back, left or right. This works amazingly reliably and gives even experienced pilots a lot of fun.

Conclusion And Rating

The Spyforce 1 from Ninetec is a traditional representative of the mini-drones division. For beginners the Quadrocopter is quite good, even if one should not place too high expectations on the small aircraft. Processing and delivery are good, while camera quality and FPV function only meet low expectations. If you get the Quadrocopter in the offer price of currently 69.99 Euro, you can look forward to a great toy for Intermediate. The non-committal selling price of 199.99 euros should not be spent on the Ninetec Spyforce 1, however, the Quadrocopter offers too little flight time, a poorly developed smartphone app and an inferior camera quality.