Nine Tips to Make This Gift for Your Mom

Well, first of all, reading this text, make sure you’re on the right track to delight your mother. I can say this because you have avoided gifts for home, kitchen and the family in General, and have focused on something just for her and that provide self-esteem. And the best option is certainly surprised with a fine semijoia! As the universe of semijoia is very wide and can easily make a mistake in choosing with the gift, here are nine tips for your present be unforgettable!

  • Rings -every woman loves to receive rings, but your choice is quite complex in terms of size and comfort. First, the numbering in Brazil is not standardized, so, even though the number, there is a risk of the wrong size. This in a gift is a big problem, because she won’t be able to use it immediately and the operation to fix the size of a ring is time-consuming and cumbersome. Other factors that complicate this choice are: variation of thickness of the fingers due to possible swelling, age and compatibility of the format of the finger and the ring resulting in comfort.
  • 2 – product quality– in the case of a gift received from a daughter or son dear, it is expected that the mother cling to it, using it whenever possible, including to demonstrate when did you like the play. Thus, it can be disappointing a disposable gift on this occasion. Buy in an e-commerce can bring some benefits in this sense because you can search online and evaluate the company you are buying. After careful product visualization and reading your description, try to identify the warranty.The Facebook of the enterprise and the customer feedback is a great source of information of your reliability. Another tip is to prefer buying directly from manufacturers, as these will have greater commitment to the products that launch in the market.
  • 3- Style – your mother already has your style and this is definitely not the time to make her test new visuals. So, note the size, thickness and shape of the jewelry and semijoias that she wont use. For this, take a look at the jewelry holder or, if there is no access, use images of your files. The rule is: to vary colors and models, but keep the style she likes.
  • 4- Proportions -Now that you have chosen the style, take care to set the size that your mother well. Pay particular attention to the size of the Necklace: very thin necks chains = 40 cm; to = 45 cm average necks and wide necks = 50 cm (give preference to those who have alongador to any adjustment). For long necklaces with or without pendant, 70 cm is a good size. For bracelets, also note the existence of leg spreaders. A very thin asks around 16 cm, the Middle, around 18 cm and a wide, around 20 cm for the earrings, the rule is: the more round the face, more tall the earring. And for more advanced ages, for most mothers, give preference to smaller earrings.
  • 5- take care of the health of your mom– make sure that the semijoiathat you’re getting has no allergenic or carcinogenic, toxic materials such as nickel, lead or cadmium. These materials are widely used in jewelry, in semijoias imported from China, and often provoke allergic reactions in the skin within a few days of use. Another caution is with the weight and ergonomics of the pieces: avoid earrings with more than 20 grams per pair, bracelets and rings with protruding ends and give preference to anatomical plates to protect the ear hole.
  • 6- add value– it is increasingly common to avoid solid gold jewelry on a daily basis and even in open events. Not only because of the exorbitant cost, but especially for the safety. The semijoia is a great choice and the use of stones and natural pearls feeds the self-esteem of women for sure be using a noble and unique product. Another important aspect is the fact that the natural gems are rare and non-renewable materials and who value over the years. So, for your mother to stone or natural Pearl that you have chosen for the present.
  • 7 – Connect your choice with fashion– search for information in magazines or on specialized blogs about what’s hot now and reconciles with the style of your mother. This way your mother will have a gift with her style, but present in the trend of the moment. If you do not have this time, try to buy this on a site of good quality, of a well qualified company, which will select products updated in your window.In this case it is prudent to avoid the products of outlets or bazaars that are older Collections. Another tip for those who don’t have time to research trends is choose a timeless semijoia. In this case, focus on discrete products, with pearls, and/or zircônias and/or natural stones of neutral colors like quartz crystal, Black quartz, smoky quartz , ordolomite.
  • 8 – – Give meaning to your gift-Your gift can have an even greater impact to your mother if you remember to wrap it with a special meaning. Some examples are: heartof mother and children, name, rosa, Word love and Holy one of devotion. Other uses may be more subtle and should be revealed by you at the time such as: stone, sign of color eye color, the color associated with the profession, or the color refers to a special souvenir. She will love you even more this.

9 – Work on the packaging and in the message -last but not least, is to ensure a beautiful package and an unforgettable card. Check before finalizing the purchase packing photo that accompanies the product. If you don’t see fit, see the possibility to upgrade. Don’t be fooled. Is it worth the effort and investment only for the expression of your mother to receive and open the package. Remember also to write a beautiful card of projecting her own hand without any caveat how much he loves her.

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Don’t be afraid, you will pan out.

A hug.

Melissa Queiroz