Night Light with Rotating Plug

Mini night lamp with built-in plug and switch (luminaire for nightlight designed for direct connection to an AC outlet) brand Vito, model GL801, an order prohibiting the distribution and recall.

Night Lights for Home

Bearing the face of the luminaire: logo and brand name vito, Dim Night Lighting, CE conformity marking, AC 220V 50 / 60Hz 1W, packed in a transparent blister pack affixed to a cardboard base, permanently printed on the base: logo and brand name vito, model: GL801; bearing on permanently glued to the outer label basis: Mini night light with a switch.

At the request of Josephnightlights committed test sample in an accredited laboratory under the applicable product group harmonized standard.
It was found that the device does not comply with the essential requirements set out in Art. 7, para. 4 in conjunction with Art. 8, para. 1 of the Ordinance on the essential requirements and conformity assessment of electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits – the lamp is not designed and constructed in a way that provides protection against hazards due to electrical equipment or external influences on the electrical equipment: the cross section of the inner conductors and the insulation is less than that required; the lamp is not resistant to flame and ignition; foundation and shell of the luminaire are not fastened to each other so as to provide adequate protection of people against the danger of physical injury or other damage caused by direct or indirect electrical contact.