Night Light for Baby

The first time where our little heart has arrived at home, he fell asleep very easily. After the feeding of the night, a small hug was enough for what he falls asleep in my arms. I had to put it into bed, turn out the lights and let him sleep. Then little by little, he woke up and no longer wanted to be left alone in his room at night. He cried as soon as we turned the light and demanded arms. It was then that cradle and sing him lullabies… The purchase of a night light is then imposed on us. We thought that it would be more effective than us, and that if it could help baby fall asleep easier then it would be worth investing in one of them! But which one to choose? Nowadays there are so many on the market!

Night Lights for Baby

For a while, I had a crush on a specific night light: the Tranquil Turtle Cloud B. Its good face, her pretty turquoise color and many positive opinions read about her on internet have strengthened me in my choice. I was told she was great! There are even adults who take in their room from time to time so they find it fun. So I figured that if adults had adopted her, then my son would love him definitely! And then I showed it to the dad who immediately gave the green light to buy it because he thought it was funny.

So we said that this small tranquil turtle would make a nice gift for Christmas for our baby. I first put it on my list of birth but no one had offered it us. I then managed to find great rates on the Oxybul awakening and games site where with a promo code, I did pay that €32,21 instead of €45,99 (+ postage). A bargain! I have chosen in aqua tint (IE blue turquoise) is that I thought the prettiest, but it exists also in hue Ocean (a color that pulls rather purple).

This night light is very interesting because it projects pretty underwater images on a background of aquatic life. Located on its shell buttons allow to turn it on and turn it off, but also to choose the desired soundscapes. We have the choice between a sweet relaxing music or the sound of the waves of the ocean. You can also adjust the sound volume and intensity.

The Tranquil Turtle was designed for all ages from birth (the evidence, she please even adults!) If you don’t-turn it off even, it is programmed to go off alone after about 20 minutes.

Marine Visual effects are successful. The waves undulate across the room!There is everywhere, from the ceiling but also on the walls! You may choose to not put them in motion and to freeze the image.

The shell is very bright and is reassuring for baby. She plans enough light for not needing a little extra lamp for move in his room at night (to see if baby is well asleep for example).

I am conquered by this night light that I find really nice. It changes conventional nightlights who play childish melodies. Even my baby, as small as is, has seemed to enjoy the reflection of waves on the walls. He looks carefully, the eyes and calm when it is lit and then gradually to close his eyes and reach the country of dreams. Good night…