Nexus 7 Benchmark

Finally came the moment of giving numbers and obviously we are talking about the results in benchmarks of the Nexus 7. Will the Google Tablet-Asus-nVidia to keep the promises to be “indistinguishable” from siblings with chip Tegra 3? (spoiler: Yes.)


Nexus 7 Galaxy Tab 7.7 Transformer Pad Infinity (max perf.)
Vellamo 1,706 1,215 1,573
SunSpider 0.9.1 (ms, lower is better) 1,711 1,993 1745
Glbenchmark Egypt Offscreen (fps) 63 47 75
Cf-Bench 11,620 7,135 8,357

As you can see even putting alongside the Nexus 7 the latest top of the range Asus, the Transformer Pad Infinity, the tablet di Google doesn’t looks good at all and can do better than older brother anywhere except in the performance of the GPU second GLBenchmark.Obviously the smaller display resolution plays an important role, which is able to compensate the Nexus 7 lowest processor clock, which is the same in both models Tegra 3 (added additional images of test charts, courtesy of phonearenacolleagues, which shows how the performance of the Nexus 7 are very valid).

Comparing it with a Galaxy Tab 7.7 there is just tender, and all benchmarks agree that in terms of performance the Nexus 7 is in effect a high-end device of 2012, with dual-core processors which cannot compete as the Exynos of the Galaxy Tab, but you have to field the fastest quad bike or maybe a Snapdragon S4.

Just to throw into the fray even the rival Kindle Fire, they did record 2,440 ms with 1/3 more than SunSpider, some Nexus 7: will the new model of Amazon to do better?