New Windows Phone 8 Features Revealed

New features for Windows Phone 8 shows that the platform can handle auto-upload in the background. There are also new to Internet Explorer 10.

Constantly new features coming forward about the upcoming Windows Phone 8 software, and this time is, among other things, auto-upload feature, and new initiatives in Internet Explorer 10 had been spotted.

Auto Upload feature means that images, video and audio can be set to be uploaded in the background over Wi-Fi connection, it is write our site.

Images, video and sound that you have captured in the course of the day, can thus be uploaded to your hard drive in the cloud, when you come home, and connect you to the wireless network.

The function is already known on other platforms, including Android where applications like Google +, Picasa and our site makes use of auto-upload feature.

Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10 there will be the standard browser in WP 8 turns out to have advanced and user-defined functions.

It is our site that have come in possession of the leaked SDK software that show the new features as you can see below.

-You can now customize address bar button.

-You can use the Microsoft Data Sense service to act as a proxy to reduce data usage.

-You can now block cookies from specific websites and apps.

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