New Version Of Android Wear: Moto 360s Improve Autonomy, But There Are More

The smart watches have in the Moto 360 a clear reference.By design and performance has become one of the most desired in this field, but in its first iteration had a clear problem: the autonomy of your battery.

That autonomy has improved with Motorola firmware upgrades, but now comes a new version of Android Wear, the 4.4W.2, where we find special attention to that energy efficiency, interface improvements, and other features to The ecosystem of intelligent watches based on this platform.

The platform for wearable devices from Google seems to have adopted a good pace of updates, and it is now when we noticed that work. Android Wear 4.4W.2 is the update that comes with already sensible improvements that will affect different devices (for example, LG G Watch orSamsung Gear Live , among which the following stand out:

GPS support: the Sony SmartWatch 3 is the main benefit of this feature that makes Android Wear can already take advantage of the receivers that integrate these wearable products, something crucial for example to guide them to monitor the routes made by all types of athletes , But that of course extends to many other scenarios.

Bluetooth accessory support: Another outstanding feature of this update is the ability to connect watches with Android Wear with Bluetooth accessories such as headphones or speakers.

Playing offline music: next to the previous option comes, of course, the ability to play music with no other support than the clock and its storage capacity, and of course those Bluetooth-connected accessories we talked about. In that reproduction plays a fundamental role improvements to the interface of this tool that will allow us to move from song to song or change the volume. The album art will appear on the clock screen if available, and that interface will change tones depending on the service or application we use (for example, it will be different with Play Music and local music than with playback via Spotify).

Less annoying notifications: so far when we received a notification on our watches with Android Wear this covered us part of the screen, which made it necessary to discard it to disappear. Now we can slide it down to hide it and pay due attention to it later.

In the case of the Moto 360, Motorola managers have highlighted these new options in the area of energy management , but also highlight new improvements in the interface that for example adjust their brightness during charging according to the lighting of the room In which we have it situated. We can also deactivate the ambient mode-which leaves the screen always visible but with less brightness-to save even more energy.