New Trends in Sunglasses in 2016

Short winter is slowly but surely swung into a pleasant spring – as a variation wardrobe comes time for replacement glasses. What are the latest trends for this year?

Like in previous years, this year the designers for inspiration turned mainly to the past. You could say that for prescription frames and sunglasses will not find in this year’s trends, not fundamental differences. Perhaps only in the segment of spectacles it is still a kind of the area disunity fashion eyewear and region milder classic frames, both in color and shape, regardless of whether a bound glasses celoobruby or flanges drilled.

Gold is back in

Perhaps the biggest surprise for 2016 is the fact that in the eyewear (visit is in the limelight again receive gold frames, which this year is really coming back in full force, especially in the case of women’s fashion spectacle. To gold is then often adds a vintage element that adds new glasses tone and subtly underscores its unique character – it is typical for the brand Max Mara. Another trend comes from the seventies. Do you remember what she wore glasses Jacqueline Kennedy? Large, round glasses, preferably in brown tones and reflections that obscure a really big part of his face – exactly those glasses back into fashion. And these models can be found mainly in the renowned fashion houses such as Gucci, Max Mara and Marc Jacobs.

The austere shapes and colors of the ocean

Another trend is a return to the austere geometric shapes, the glasses are designed almost like a triangle, or a hexagon. Some models then gives significantly hi-tech impression, especially due to straight line at the upper bead which connects the two orbit. Such models are typical for models of Marc Jacobs and Yves Saint Laurent. And what colors dominate this season? The ocean is the inspiration for glasses that are done in shades of blue to turquoise, which complements světlounké color, from white to pale pink … These sunglasses are up minimalist processed without any ornaments and disturbing elements precisely in order to excel color of the frame, which is typical for products Marc Jacobs and Gucci. Distinct colors are characteristic for the brand Carrera.

In contrast, the receiving space also earthy tones, such as brown, green, tortoise, which is then in some models appear as floral designs and various embellishments, such as rivets and engraving and various applications on the flange, which is typical for the brand Alexander McQueen, Max Mara, Dior.

Spring style with cat and butterfly wings

In shape, especially prevalent cat style or style of butterfly wings and robust frames that dominate the trends in glasses already several seasons. In this regard, there is a trend towards more robust and pronounced shapes, the most significant in darker shades.

In vogue are called false glasses with clip when the skirt is attached at the top metal frameworks – which again is typical for the brand Gucci or products sportier Carrera. This design can be found in a wide variety of different shapes – the orbit is circular, square or the shape of the classic aviatorek. Popular shapes are then kept at trendier brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, where you will find trendy sunglasses in a more moderate version. Do not miss the spring! Head to the FOKUS optics and choose trendy glasses leading global brands exactly according to your mood or style.