2017 Lingerie: Breathtaking Trends

Stay on top of fashion trends does not mean just keep an eye on what is in sight, but also what is underneath it all. Trends for 2017 will win lingerie drawers of who uses and breathtaking of the beholder.

Come with us to find out what will make your head this year.

1. Strappy bra

The strappy bra comes popping hearts many seasons ago and remains one of the great darlings this year. It’s the perfect trend for who wants to have a taste of what’s underneath, leaving the more sexy with strips that attract all looks to the neckline.

The highlight of the strappy bra is showing up in the clothes of the day to day, so enjoy for dare in looks! Combine with dig more open and generous necklines, in front and back.

Models with many strips are good bets for women who make the cool style. Already with only a Strip are more delicate and sensual.

  1. Bralette
    The bralettes are the new sensation! These rimless bra models and no bulge combine comfort and sensuality, pleasing all tastes – of who uses and the beholder.

In addition to the more traditional models, suitable for use in everyday life, the bralettes that promise success in 2017 lingerie are the most worked with applications, lace and other details. These models worked more are great for the fans of lingerie trend appearing, especially with deep necklines and tops dug.

3. transparent Income

The rent already has your stomping grounds in our intimate world and reinvents itself every season. A strong trend towards 2017 lingerie is the see-through lace, which can be applied in Bras, panties and bodies.

Lacy and unlined, the pieces are irresistible – perfect for those times when the lingerie is all the costumes.

4. High waist

In recent years fashion has returned to falling for the high waist and, now, the lingerie joined the trend.

Most basic models, more full-bodied, fabrics are great for shaping the body and wear with skirts and dresses. The Lacy parts will make the head of anyone seeking sensuality and elegance or want to surprise even more time to get it all.

5. Transparency

Transparency is the main bet of 2017 lingerie. In addition to the rent, this trend manifests itself in tulle, creating amazing pieces for all times.

The transparent lingerie are the asset of looks sexier: shoulders on display and strappy back are valued by these parts.

The game is played in the lingerie trends 2017 and get ready for breathtaking inside and outside the home.