New Hint about Apple TV Apps in iOS 6 Beta?

A video demonstrating how the app icons on your Apple TV can shake and move around in the same way as with the iPhone and iPad.

Rumors of an actual app store for Apple TV have been circulating for some time, but last week’s develop Conference gave no response.

Now, however, there is a new hint about applications for the small black box or what?

Brazilian our site have thus published a video that is claimed to demonstrate a new feature in an iOS 6 beta for Apple TV.

Usually will turn off, if one keeps the box remote control ok-button down. On the video begins the icons of the preinstalled apps, however, shaking in the same way as on the iPhone and iPad.

In this case you can simply rearrange the icons. It will say that there is a cross in the corner, which allows to delete. It is, however, also not on the preloaded apps on the iPhone and iPad, as they cannot be removed.