New Hairstyles for 2016

The ginger yoke or yoke long and climbed? If you feel like a new hairstyle for the summer, look at these 13 selected ideas for you.

Summer is approaching and with it the desire to change, and why not, dare. The warm weather makes you want a new hairstyle, trendier, sexier, in a word, cool! If you seek a cut that will show your personality in addition to being trendy, we suggest 13 haircuts for summer 2016 chosen from the proposals of the hair stylist.

New cuts of shorts and female hair

Cuts of male-inspired hair but reinterpreted, made by the women’s movement and color. It is the proposed Society of beauty. A play of light, a light that shines the hair in the summer. Yes to red heat, cold blond and a new shade called dirty blonde. The pixie cut is moved from the tips forward, the lob is moved, while the loin is short and climbed and turns red.

New hairstyles medium length

For spring / summer 2016 Toni & Guy chooses new cuts of medium length with a vintage mood, but revisited through the style and color. The haircuts are inspired by the 70s or 90s, are scaled, filled with the bangs, but enriched by color. The Bohemia, for example, is a cut climbed up to the shoulders, with a touch of glam rock and a color unusual: the blond beige fact plays with the peach, the typical colors of spring and gives life to the look of a real gypsy. The cut Instalux is inspired by the 90s rock made contemporary by the electric purple shades. Finally, cutting Bronte, longer in back and with blue shades between the strands of fringe.