New Gmail Accounts Not Force the Creation of Profiles on Google+

Precipitation would say that Google is getting rid of Google+, but it is noteworthy that the company no longer gives the social network the same priority once. In the latest move, the company failed to make access to some services, especially for Gmail, creating a Google+ profile.

Since the beginning of 2012, enrollment in a new Google account led invariably to the formation of a register on Google+. You could not use it, but the account was there, displaying at least his name.

Recently, however, some users have noted that the combination of new accounts to Google+ no longer mandatory. Registration also allows you to create a profile on the social network, but who do not want to have it can simply click on “No, thanks” or equivalent in another language.

Google implemented the change with the utmost discretion. The company even released a press release, but at least confirmed the amendment to blog WordStream and other vehicles, “update the registration experience in early September,” said a company spokesman.

The release of a Google+ profile also applies to other services, as already reported, but some remain depending on an account in the social network to give access to certain features. The comment system YouTube is an example.

Even so, the sense of loss of relevance is imminent. The first sign that the priorities were rethought came in April, when Google announced the departure of Vic Gundotra, creator of Google+. The recent change in the register only reinforces this hypothesis.

What’s more, if the rumors are right, the next and most striking change may be the transformation of the Google+ photo album on a new service.

But loss of weight does not mean no importance. Google+ may not have as many fans as Facebook, for example, but has a large user base enough to be maintained.

Ultimately, Google may simply have realized that taking steps to “force” the membership of users is not a strategy of the smartest.