New Facebook App for the iPhone on the Way

Facebook application has been tired and sluggish to work with-but a new one is on the way.

If there is someone who receives bad criticism for their application at the moment, so it is, without doubt, Facebook. It is also quite incomprehensible that a huge company like Facebook with over 500 million users, where a great many of them, incidentally, owns an iPhone or iPad, must use an almost useless application.

The application tries to load menus, pages, and constant updates from friends, and very often it happens nothing. It is of course unacceptable for the user in the long run, and it is well aware of Facebook. Therefore, they have now put some talented programmers started to rebuild the iOS application completely.

So far, Facebook application has been structured around Objective-C with an HTML5 technology inside, which in short means that the application must load everything as an ordinary Web browser, which of course takes time.

Nick Bilton, who writes for the New York Times says about the current application:

-“When it comes to speed, then it is just like putting the engine from a Smart Car, a Ferrari car. Applications are predominantly is HTML5, using most of the components in an application like a Web page, and download images and content from the Web directly into the application. ”

-“Objective-C works the opposite way, by taking full advantage of the hardware of iPhone and iPad, by building most of the functionality directly in the program, so there is less information from the Internet to retrieve.”

-“Official Facebook has announced that users can expect a significant increase in the speed of the new application, and it is expected to be released sometime in the next month (July).”