New Devices Motorola Android: Sholes Tablet, a New Droid and “LaJolla”

In the last few days have not stopped talking about Motorola phones with Android operating system, first it was the Sholes Tablet, then appeared another phone from the Droid family, completely unexpected, and finally has begun to talk about a phone code name “LaJolla”. None is confirmed but I find it interesting to share the information we have on the three.

Motorola Sholes has had multiple leaks in the media, and in recent days has appeared a one tablet of the same that we have some pictures let us see its appearance quite clearly.

The device is practically Motorola Droid without physical keyboard, and some positive changes in their favor, as the 8MP camera, Xenon flash, and a mini HDMI connector that provides an output of video in 720 p format.

You ready the rest of known specifications:

  • Processor OMAP TI 3430 (550 MHz)
  • Screen 3.7 inch (800 x 480 pixels)
  • 3.5 mm jack plug
  • Connectivity, UMTS/HSPA, WiFi 802.11 b/g with DLNA
  • Operating system Android 2.x
  • It is rumored that your first destination is the T-Mobile operator
  • Possibly you have the Motoblur interface

Let us remember that Motorola planned to bring to market a tablet for the first quarter of the year comes, and that can correspond with this device of which you are talking about.

In a matter of design has an appearance very similar to the Droid, but with a strange lump in one of the corners of the phone, I do not know which sense, but so has appeared in the first leaks.

See complete gallery» Motorola Scholes Tablet (6 photos)

Following the chronological order, the next to appear was a new family of Droid series, It has no QWERTY keyboard, and features a camera 8MP autofocus and dual LED flash.

We see that he has an appearance to something more rounded, according to Boy Genius Report the device has a 800 MHz processor and a touch screen 3.8 inch. Last comment who have already left the first voices saying that this phone is fake, but still the BGR source, I have ventured to share it with you.

Finally we have the signs of a new phone that are beginning to call “LaJolla”, This name is relative to the Motorola Cliq (Dext) source code, which referred to various phones.

In Android and Me have been investigating this issue and they have what may be a first specifications as they are listed in the source:

  • Qualcomm 7201A Processor (528 MHz ARM11)
  • MAX7359 Keypad
  • Kionix 3-axis accelerometer for LaJolla driver board
  • Motorola Halo i2c touchscreen (240 x 400)

Of them the first thing that draws attention is the resolution of screen not supported right now for Android, but curiously in the latest SDK released for Android, 2.0.1, includes support for WQVGA screen (Widescreen quarter VGA), which may correspond with this resolution.

Motorola intends to join HTC and create a lower cost Android phone, with a price in the market between 150 and 250 dollars, and has all the earmarks of being “LaJolla”.