Netflix Will Be Available in Denmark

By the end of the year will Danes could stream thousands of movies and tv series at home in the living room via the service Netflix.

Denmark will be among the first countries in Europe that will be able to stream tv shows and movies from Netflix’s streaming service. It writes Netflix in a broadcast press release.

Netflix offers unlimited streaming of movies and television shows over the Internet for a fixed, low amount per month. It has also made the service immensely popular in the United States, which started over there way back in 2007. Since then, Netflix spilled over into Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland and now the turn has come to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. It happens by the end of this year, the company promises.

Netflix currently has more than 27 million users, and it is in the United States almost impossible to buy a piece of consumer electronics that don’t come with built-in access to Netflix. In the United States costs the service only eight dollars a month.

Streaming service is, however, also become popular in many other countries outside the United States and Canada, and users all over the world has also learned to cheat the country restriction, which otherwise is built-in.

It remains to be seen what Netflix is going to cost in Denmark, just as it also is uncertain how large the Committee on service will be. You can sign up at our site for more information as soon as the service is launched in Denmark.