Necktie Scarf as an Alternative to Tie and Bow Tie

Accessories for men should be used carefully, especially if you want to keep the masculine note. Overloading is a dubious privilege for those who believe they need it. Those who have less good chances or the desire to go through as a new star of the rapper scene should rather do without it. But there are firmly established clothing or jewelery, which underline the certain something in men. For the uncertain among us, however, the basic rule is: rather too little than too much.

In the case of the necktie the assessment is easy. Its elegant, serious touch is unlike high-quality overloading. Only: What exactly is spoken of? Woven scarves of all shapes and types? Or only certain pieces? There are different versions and, last but not least, it is used as an umbrella for all kinds of handkerchiefs and special articles. A delimitation to other things is therefore necessary according to anyblouses.

Necktie Scarf-More Than An Accessory

The right necktie scarf is such an accessory with style. Provided that it is used consistently with the overall appearance and is also measured for the respective situation. The flexibility in the application speaks for a purchase, especially if it is color neutral.How and where the necktie scarf is used at all, one should be aware.Here is a small flashback to his story.

First of all, please do not mix the necktie with a necktie. There are also very often border-rule rules: the necktie as a much younger expression is only available in a form. If she is only very wide, she still remains what she is: a tie. The neck of the necktie is always narrower than its two ends. Whether one is also bound to recognize differences, does nothing to the point.

Conceptual Development And Origin

In the 19th century, the Ascot or Plastron, which is different in appearance, spread in England and the USA, but later on. The American style combined with the Ascot a narrow neckband with wider ends, with the British the term simply outlined with an extra-wide necktie. Silk as a material was assumed everywhere.
The coloring traditionally took place with silbergrau with light patterns. But also black was allowed. In addition to a cylinder and tailcoat, it was at that time the perfect outfit of the fine gentlemen.
The name “Ascot” originates from the “Royal Ascot Race”, a horse breed which is often visited by the English “Hochadel”, which also reveals the character of the necktie scarves as day wear. Loosely bound, he slowly became part of the morning clothes in the then middle class. Even today the “Cravat”, the variant for the nightlife, and the “Day Cravat” are different, the latter also being available in fresh colors and patterns. The production of silk remained true to this day.
Later, she also found use in golfing until she became part and parcel of our business attire for the gentlemen. This corresponded to the fashionable guidelines in the 1960s and was already taken up by young men. Today, there are still representatives of this style who, independently of the modem makers, in principle have recourse to it and show how much this style has a lasting popularity without the mass having to be animated.

The Binding Of The Traditional Necktie Scarves

The “Daycracat” binds with the traditional knot, which is mainly used in ties. This is the simple knot, but it is worn inside the shirt.It is also “allowed” to carry it outside. This is rarely practiced during the day. If it is outside, then the Jabot node is more likely to be used. This is an already finished piece, which is fixed with a rubber band in the neck.
The “Dress Cravat”, on the other hand, uses a completely different variation: the ends are crossed and fastened with a necktie needle.It is also possible to use a simple node. In addition, it is also common to tie with a special knot above the shirt. And with a “rune” or “scrunchie” knot.
The result is today also called “large puff knot” and is practiced gladly in connection with scarves. There are simple handles, but to understand, you should ask for the first time in good trade after an explanation on site or watch a video online. Otherwise the best description could lead to misunderstandings.
These variants illustrate the elegant character of the necktie scarf, which today is also characterized by high style awareness, depending on the occasion. The neckties scarves of riding uniforms are still unthinkable, their absence would even give strange impressions. Often they are also traditionally used at weddings. A design which had proved itself for a very long time.

Modern Models Of The Necktie Scarf

As the history of its use shows, the necktie scarf is suitable not only for celebrations, but also for private enterprises of an official nature – above all leisure activities with a professional background or special significance. The modern and casual appearance ensure that the elegant style is never forgotten and convince by an optical upgrade of modern outfits.
The different variants are diverse. Often, one reverts to delicate necktie scarves, which are only about 15 centimeters wide. They are usually found with paisley patterns or other delicate elements in discreet colors. Typical is still silk, but also other common materials with glamor effects are quite permissible and show themselves even more cosily and more hard-wearing.
It is suitable for wearing casual blazers and jackets, shirts, cardigans or sweaters with a corresponding neckline-that is to say, every basic basic equipment of an elevated nature. And of course he can be combined with jeans.

Tips When Wearing A Necktie

The models, which are called ascot or plastron, have a very narrow end with a wide loop as their counterpart, so that binding is easier than at times of the Hochadel. The pre-arranged pieces, which are mainly available in department stores, should be taken with caution: Not all of today ‘s collars conceal the rubber band-clip-on collars and finished ascots often do not agree.
The shirts must be unbuttoned, of course, to help the accessory. However, a maximum of two buttons remain open.
Take care of samples: If the necktie is patterned, a pattern of the other wardrobe would be inappropriate except for exceptions. In case of doubt, you should combine uni-colored pieces or use a plain-colored necktie.
In addition to the snap-in cups you create a matching ensemble-provided the two pieces are identical in nature.
Caution when shopping: Necktieschal is not everywhere, where necktie scarf stands on it. Style tips from the staff from non-specialized department stores should be checked beforehand.

Conclusion For The Necktie Scarf As A Stylish Accessory

The casual outfit of today and the neckties scarves are in perfect harmony. A touch of gentleman can also tolerate a sporty, modern, cozy or extravagant outfit. The necktie scarf is more flexible than ever and loses the presence of modem workers, despite the fact that the modem has been neglected.