Necklaces Trends for 2016

Jewels are the complement to complete the perfect look. A dress with beautiful neckline will not be the same with the perfect necklace to detail trim. Speaking of necklaces, you need to check what comes back out there in the fashion for necklaces 2016.

For fashion 2016 necklaces were thicker and shorter. We are still in trend maxi collars, but less long and thicker chains. And speaking of chains, super popular in the 90s, they are the main focus of the moderninhas brands. Worth as much silver as gold or rosé, but gold is still the most requested for the sales. But no current style bad boy, thin but with very well worked in woven details.

Natural stones are also strong arise between the accessories like earrings and necklaces. The maxi necklaces stones around and pendants are the latest craze in the giant brands like Dolce & Gabbana already part of the chic brand line. The models at are coming on the market popular with stones in glass or well – crafted natural stone and more rustic, great pieces to use on a daily basis and match that basic shirt without grace stored in the closet.

Trends for Fashion Necklaces 2016

Pendants – it smooth paste, but why not spice up a bit? The maxi collars with central pendant is an excellent choice, especially crucifix, classic of classics, and owls, still on the agenda even after a year of reign of the fashion jewelry. Models combining black and transparent stones are also super ones.

Snake necklace – exotic? A little, but they go out and about on the red carpet. The first releases for 2016 are the necklaces Boucheron and Bvlgari and as I appeared at film festivals decorating famous necks, are already emerging in the popular lines in colored metals. Silver and gold colors are the most classic and leave the basic piece.

Tribal models – more discreet but no less elegant, necklaces with tribal designs and graphics on the pendant are super high. Combining with modest clothing and a more elegant fashion, great for work in style.

Triple necklaces – are pure fashion 70s and have returned a few times, but here to stay now. Invest in models alternating pearls and chain and is cool with basic shirts without printing on the front. They are also an excellent way to enhance the bust, but do not ask long necklines to leave the piece obfuscated and remove your glamor of the small details.

Tips to Follow Necklaces Trends in 2016

  • Watch the change of season shows. If appeared on the catwalk, then surely will arise in the shops too. Stylists are pitchers trends and often wear their models not only with clothes for sale, but nail polish, makeup and jewelry trends for the upcoming seasons. Note the next shows a little more than just shoes and prints.
  • Read the major magazines.The two main not to be inattentive trends are Vogue and Marie Clair, fashion reference in Brazil. But there are very good with exclusive coverage of the event and the constant contact with brands such as Claudia and Contigo, with a wealth of photos to add the ‘how to use the pieces’.
  • Check international popular shopping sites. If you have reached the bestseller list, it is because abroad is already out and about and you can even anticipate trends. There are sites tips to track our site, with great image gallery vendors in Europe and Asia, who know first about all of fashion.