Necklaces for Christmas Gifts

Out of inspiration for your Christmas gifts? 6 nice necklaces to offer a man!

And if for Christmas you dare to give your man a beautiful necklace! Here is a small selection that could well take a thorn from the foot!

1 – Ras neck Teahuppo silver necklace, rubber and Black Pearl

With elegance and exoticism of his Polynesian roots, this ras neck combines everything we love to see in a men’s Necklace: a subtle mix of virility, sophistication and simplicity! Certainly one of the best sellers of this Christmas 2015!

2 – Ras Fangatoa Tiki Maori neck collar

No denied success throughout this year, tribal lines that combine brutality, finesse and masculinity, an original necklace that will make a more successful than for Christmas gift according to pauldigo!

3 – Snake – snake mens mesh necklace

Raw, haughty, inimitable, the famous snake mesh is available here in rugged and massive men’s Necklace (length 55 cm, thickness 5 mm, weight 100 grams!). A ras of neck for man who is certainly not unnoticed, but far from here his intention! A necklace of adventurer, accompanying a lifetime!

4 – The necklace GI’s in balls of steel

Basic, robust and effective, you have to wonder where this necklace manly and gross got its name! Inspired by the door number of soldiers of the American army, this necklace for man can possibly accommodate a pendant, or be worn alone… According to the mood of the corporal!

5 – Snake necklace – mesh Balinese silver

Majestic, rugged, tribal, terribly stylish, the irreplaceable mesh Balinese also called mesh Snake, available in 3 thicknesses, this necklace demands its look and character, that convince, will leave nobody indifferent! Definitely a gift to make for Christmas!

6 – Balinese braided sterling silver Snake necklace

Nice variant of the eternal mesh Snake, ras neck in sterling silver necklace is missing him either character! Same tribal look, even virile allure and same banter of adventurer, add there a few tattoos and bulging muscles and you will have the full panoply of a man irresistible!