NBA: King of The Court, Dominates The Virtual Courts through The Geolocation

After months of negotiations, and to the delight of many, including a server returns the NBA. The major sports events often bring, and attract, environments to these alternative business models. The best Basketball League is no exception and we have for Android a pretty interesting and fun game.

NBA King of the Court It is a somewhat curious combination between augmented reality, geolocation and social network game. The objective is to search our location near virtual baskets and write down everything that we can in a given time. Done this, and following the rules of Foursquare a little, will be the Kings of those courts.

As you can see all part a bit of the idea of networks such as Foursquare’s become a game a geolocation. The mechanics is simple and simply relies on press the screen at the time to leave our shot not deflected.

When we record one of these courts, will be her King and We can customize it changing the Board and also the background. However this is not free and we will have to pay in virtual credits to do so.

NBA King of the Court, but it is free, has some payment options that, in addition to customize fields, allows us to improve our skills when it comes to shoot basket to get better scores. We will also serve to do more releases on the same day.

The idea is quite original and although augmented reality does not add much, except a background for our basket while you play, the use of the geolocation is quite good and encourages rather that we play and we move. The problem is that in some areas there is little baskets and a little frustrating.

NBA King of the Courtversion 1.8

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Ogmento
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Games