Nails Half Moon: Step by Step of Inverted Francesinha

Who is a fan of the vintage style should have noticed that a new style of nails has been very successful among the famous: Nails Half Moon or Inverted Francesinha. She has appeared in the hands of the girls of the brothel of Maria Machadão, in the novel “Gabriela”, of the network Globo and the burlesque Dita Von Teese does not hide from anyone his preference for the retro model.

Besides being different and super delicate leaving the ladybug’s little fingers much more feminine, this type of ornament is quite simple to make and can even mix a number of different styles. It is possible, for example, to make nails half moon ombré or Nails Half Moon Caviar and it is just this example that we separate with step by step. Check it and you can get more information from beautyGENERATE.COM:

The examples above may have seemed very complicated for those who do not have much skill with enamels, so we have separated a tip that can be quite useful. To make the half moon you can count on the help of duct tape. The round labels used to mend holes in binder sheets are ideal.

To make the effect even more incredible you can use two very different color enamels. So you draw even more attention to your nails. If you are using only one enamel, it is important that the enamel used be dark to contrast with the unpainted area.