Nail Workshop Make-Up Workshop Jornadas Ponte Guapa

Would you like to learn how to makeup? You get lost among so many products? Don’t know which colors are best going? Would you like to learn how to use makeup brushes? Would you like to learn how to take better advantage of your features?Makeup products you have at home that you don’t know not what they are for?
If you have answered Yes to one or more of these questions, we have a solution: join the days of beauty Ponte Guapa! I organize María Morales (professional makeup artist and author of the blog beauty Potis of colors) and Judith García (professional makeup artist and author of the blog beauty makeup and other herbs)
The days of beauty Ponte Guapa! They consist of 2 courses that may be undertaken jointly or independently:
Color theory
Products, brushes and tools essential for the self
Basic steps of skin care
Step by step: natural makeup and sophisticated make-up

What colors we feel better and how to choose them.
Tips & tricks tailored to each person (how to make corrections depending on your features, etc)
Anatomy of the nail
Basic care
Step by step manicure
Examples and easy nail art ideas
The signing of accessories and cosmetics Beter will provide products for workshops: brushes and makeup brushes and treatment products and manicure instruments. In addition will offer an exclusive gift to all the students of the days get pretty! then you make a purchase in your online store.
If you want more information you can write us to out site, or you can fill in the questionnaire on our website and we will contact you quickly.
Of the next course places are limited so don’t waste time and book your place as soon as possible!