Nail Art: Nails Decorated with Fabric Vintage Nail

Nail Art: Nails decorated with fabric-Vintage nail
Every day there’s a new one on who is in love with nail art. All this is a result of the ability to imagine and create what we have.

It’s not just with enamel that can decorate your nails, because with the help of other materials we can guarantee a fantastic effect for nails. The news of the time is about nails decorated with fabrics which is also known as vintage nail, because the vintage prints that are used at the time to decorate your nails as POA, lace and Calico according to PETSINCLUDE.COM.
Now, even the flaps can be well used for the tendency of nails with tissue. The variety of fabrics is huge so you will have many options in time to decorate your nails. Handle the fabric in order to decorate the nails is not difficult, you will take measures putting the fabric on top of the nail and just cut around. There are several options of how to use the fabric, you can do French or cover the entire nail, but all this will depend on your criteria for how you want it.
Split up some ideas in order to inspire you in choosing the fabric and decoration. Check out some tutorials that teach step by step how to decorate your nails with tissue:

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