Myths About Bra-Learn the Truth About All of Them

There are many myths about bra and not everything we think we know about the use of them is necessarily true.

Some women love Bras, others hate. No wonder that the Act of burning a bra is considered an act of liberation.

Get to know the myths about Bras

It is normal to use the same bra for several days

Professionals recommend that you change the play daily, because using it every day, it could harm the elasticity of the bra and decrease your durability.

You have to wash your bra once a week

Oil and dirt are factors that may affect the elasticity of the BRA.

The ideal is to wash it whenever possible.

The correct is a bra last a year or more

If you use the BRA properly with proper care, the ideal is that it lasts about eight months.

Over time, the trend is that he be more loose and go losing support.

It’s important to have several bras and merge the use between the pieces.

Be no use for the BRA breasts

It may even appear that way due to the gravity, but it’s a lie.

The Act of not wearing a bra does not affect the breasts, causing sagging or something.

Sleep with bra let the breasts firmer or bad for the breasts

Sleep with a bra won’t let the breasts firmer nor bring any other benefit.

Sleep with a bra also doesn’t hurt her breasts, only brings feeling of nuisance for women.

Padded bras and with wire cause cancer

This statement came about through a myth in 1990 based on the information that the BRA harms the circulation of the lymphatic system and builds up toxins in the body tissues of the region.

There were no scientific studies with favorable results regarding this myth.

You have to attach to a tighter hook

The BRA trend over time is loose, then you naturally will have to use the next hooks.

It is very important that you buy a bra that vista perfectly when docked in the first couple of hooks.

For the future only, you migrate to the.

All bra sizes are created equal

Probably you don’t wear the same number of BRA in all brands, right? That’s because not all brands have consistency with the sizes, each one can have a Tuning template.

There may be variation in Bra sizes even when they’re the same brand.

Wearing a bra since little help the breast to develop better

The breasts grow naturally and do not require boost to it.

There is an average size of bras

There is no average bra size because the modeling and material will always influence in size.

The BRA that can be perfect in another body, it may not be perfect in you. The same happens with the Bras.

Bras hinder the breasts and let them SAG

According to automotiveqna, some people say that Bras do not bring any benefit to the breast and may even contribute to the sagging of the same.

But the scientific community has proven otherwise.

How much plainer, less visible is the BRA That’s a lie. If you use a white bra under a white outfit, underwear becomes much more visible.

The proper use of a color closest to the tone of the skin, therefore, varies from woman to woman.

The bulge is the part which gives more support

The bulge, the wire, and the bubbles do not support the breasts.

The only support stems from the handles.

After you can make your choices based on truth.