MyKronoz Smartwatch ZeWatch 2 Review

MyKronoz is positioned on the low cost his watch connected ZeWatch 2! Having not found many reviews or tests of this cheap watch, here’s a quick rundown on the situation.

MyKronoz decided to design a cheap smartwatch which is practically the same price as a conventional watch.

Quite simply, we can find the MyKronoz ZeWatch € 2 to 79.99 on Amazon (click here). But what does this very affordable price?

Here are some videos in English that are the only real available tests (you can find my comments following this article):

First, the watch comes with a USB charging cable. The box also contains a paper booklet with instructions and usage of ZeWatch 2 instructions.

The design is pretty basic but effective: the housing is rectangular and made of plastic. An OLED display just show the time and the various information that can be shown on the dial. This screen is monochrome in a blue color that I find pretty cool and that allows information to be easily read.

It is clearly not in the spirit of a watch Android Wear and Apple Watch that really throws a lot with its display of 16 million colors.

With this ZeWatch 2 all wants to be more clean and simple.

There are two buttons on each side of the watch case: it provides access to all functions (because the screen is not touch on this watch).

Speaking of the functions of the watch, the latter is configured from a smartphone application.  According to smartwatch definitions, this application is the options it offers seen in the first video.

Enough sports features

Like all modern connected watches, this MyKronoz ZeWatch 2 is designed to save your physical activity and sleep.

The results are then presented on the smartphone application:

As you see, the ZeWatch 2 can save a lot of information :

  • number of steps
  • distance
  • sleep time
  • calories

It is also possible to set fitness goals in the application (as do 10,000 steps a day):

Similarly, so if you want to remember a few things you can set a reminder in the application. In time, the message will appear on your watch!

Reminders are simple to set up and there are predefined reminders that can be used to facilitate the entry:

It is also possible to make recurring: Mondays, Tuesdays, every day, etc.

Naturally, the watch will display notifications :

  • SMS
  • MMS
  • call

It’s a shame not to find notifications for emails in the batch.

It is also possible to be notified when strays too far from the phone : it is quite handy for remembering to take their smartphone when you leave home or work.

A feature also allows playing music from your smartphone directly from your watch: it’s a little gadget but it can be nice to quickly play a song to someone.

It is possible to get a phone call directly from the watch to enter into conversation with the caller. Of course, you can also reject a call and hanging from the wrist.

In this connection, a microphone and a loudspeaker are present in the watch that can serve as handsfree to phone.

Finally, voice commands can control some functions of the watch.