My Kitties Love Ponchos of Bath

This summer, among my surprising discoveries figure a great accessory for my children! Initially, when I started looking for large original towels to wrap them up right out of the sea or the pool and one day I saw a little girl with a kind of practical super cape, who was playing on the beach! It clicked!

Needless to say my kids like yours I guess too, are on the move, especially when they are excited by the heat and the holiday mood. And when the towels are tied, they cannot never keep more than a few seconds. That’s where I live was convinced that if my kitties had the same thing, I wouldn’t have to fight.

After some research on the Web, I came across the famous poncho of bath. A ride on Toluki introduced me to lots of extra models. For boys, there articles that turn them into super heroes like Iron Man or Superman. And for the girls, is not the choice that is missing. The ponchos of bath with the effigy of Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty or Rapunzel are also delightful than the other.

And besides, it’s very funny, my kitties have invented a game. So hurry to put on their ponchos at the exit of the swimming pool, it’s one that dries more quickly! After, no complex to play on the beach with just the little bikini. Long live freedom! On top of that, the ponchos of bath, very resistant, do not need to be adjusted as the robes and can therefore cross several seasons with the same child. Ultra soft and absorbent, these articles are revolutionizing our holiday and are invited also in our bathroom during the year as they can of course replace the classic towel following RemzFamily.