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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hello girls! Miss me lol, I could not post yesterday, this week is so race I’m not having the time or breathing. But I’m very happy with the notes purchased with my effort, life of journalism student is not easy.
Today I speak of a virtual store that I’m completely in love.

I confess that I always wanted to shop online but do not have international credit card, once I was in C & A when they offered me the store card, I wasn’t even interested since I already have a national, but when they told me it was not international thought twice and made the record.

Girls nowadays I love shopping on the net, mainly in Chinese shops, the our site is one of my favorite stores. Clothes, shoes and handbags, cute, beautiful and cheap. The latest fashion trends!

Before I had my first experience with shops in China, I found that the fabrics were bad and the clothes weren’t exactly as the picture shows. But after I made my first purchase, I saw that it was myth. The fabrics are of excellent quality, and the clothes are beautiful.

I selected these pieces in the Mart of China, but did not bring neither Tuesday half of so much good that is out there. The tariff prices on the images are the dollar values, you need to make the conversion, and even after she made you will notice that even worth to buy at the store.

The Mart of China also has a huge variety of sandals, boots, balls, is both a good thing and beautiful that to bring in another post.

Needless to say I super recommend! Worth checking out the parts, visit the store by clicking HERE.

Already know the our site? Liked the pieces selected? Leave your comment!