My Band, Quantification Is Not So Expensive According to Xiaomi

Yes, we resist calling with its new name – my – Xiaomi. We don’t want to create confusion and it is not a new signature, so at the moment we are still using the old nomenklatura of the successful Chinese manufacturer.

Today the people of Mi, or Xiaomi, has presented to the world its new terminal star the Mi4, that surprise has not only reached the market, but do it accompanied by a wearable, It could not be less. It is of the My Band, a cuantificadora bracelet that will change many concepts.

We say it because manufacturers we had become accustomed to price of 100 euros for their bracelets quantifier, were simpler or more complex, and although it is not overpriced, Yes is excessive enough if we consider the price asking Xiaomi for his My Band: $13.

Design and style for a device that focuses on simplicity

“It’s a bracelet,” have thought Xiaomi designers, so get to work have been proposed to make a simple device, style, which can swap their straps for other designs or colors – there will be more sporty colours finishes and other more elegant -. Its design is minimalist and is made of aluminum, at least the part housing hardware.

There is no display, only three LEDs that will serve to interact using patterns with the bracelet, allows you to set alarms by vibration and its autonomy is about 30 incredible days, leaving ridiculed a Fitbit Flex that practically it does the same thing and it needs to be charged every 5-7 days.

Neither has forgotten of the IP67 certification, required in a device with these characteristics and that ensures that we can swim with it, shower or go to the beach without fear to damage by moisture.

My Band will be available soon at a price of $13 in the main markets of Xiaomi, in addition to usual dealers online.

We know that the bracelet will be able to measure steps, calories, distance, monitor sleep, etc. It is usual in these devices, although there is much more information about the application that will manage it, configurable notifications, compatibility with heart rate monitors and applications of third parties and other functions, but its price will surely change forever the market of quantifiers. Don’t you want one?