Must Have: White Shirt By Viktor &Rolf

Who among you does not have a white shirt in the closet? Confess, hidden in a sweater and the other, there, right next to blacks pants you have even more than one. Maybe of different material, perhaps it will be a stretch too, and maybe you have even a winter version with long sleeves and a rather suited to spring with short sleeves or even puffy. Oh yes, because the white shirt is a must-have absolute essential. A master key that can solve any indecision on clothing,perfect over jeans in relaxing weekend as well as under the suit in the office.

The shirt in short, is so famous and popular that all designers can not help but cyclically propose new or classic versions in their collections.

Now is the turn of Viktor & Rolf , the eccentric Dutch duo often on magazine pages for original ideas with which they ride the wave of fashion. Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, these are the names of the two creators of the brand, have created a capsule collection of shirts, which more than clothing seem style exercises.

The mini collection consists of 5 pieces fishing inspiration in the male wardrobe, where their shirts are a must, and divided up the overly formal details, enriching models with hyper-feminine details.

The five shirts designed by Viktor & Rolf, each with a name that anticipates the features and the fact ispirazione- called White Blossom, White Dove, White Nights, White Scent, White Tuxedo- are a riot of maxi-bows, drapes and flounces, and important hills. The capsule collection of Wonderland duo, which gives a nod to couture, will be on sale from May in multi-brand boutiques fromColette. It seems that the price will be approximately 550 EUR.