Motorola Wants to Convince Newcomers with 50-Euro Smartphones

The manufacturer Motorola is planning a wide range of their own Smartphone series and thus challenges some competitors. Especially with entry-level models, which will be sold for less than 50 euro, Motorola currently causes a stir.

With the Moto X and the Moto G, Motorola presented some interesting smartphones with idiosyncratic concepts several months ago. Now, Motorola boss Dennis Woodside announced the future plans of the subsidiary of the Internet company Google. Therefore the market should be rolled down which speaks for it, that will be to be expected in the future with very low-cost Smartphones from Motorola. As an example of Woodside in a recent interview the price of the Motorola Moto G with $ 179 by. This sale price is very high for people in certain countries, the Chief of the mobile radio Division of Motorola. Indirectly, Woodside says the emerging and developing countries, because here, Motorola could land a real coup with a Smartphone that will be sold for no more than $ 50. “Anything is possible in any case. We will accelerate”such a Smartphone, the Motorola Chief confirmed, according to

Numerous possibilities for Smartphone users

Away from the cheap models, Motorola plans still more equipment for the area of the middle and premium class. Thus, a wide range of different display sizes would call customers. Woodside explains different options for customization of smartphones as a target by Motorola. This should be possible mainly away from the colors of the body and chassis. The Motorola boss specifically mentioned in the display and various functions, which the customers can choose.

Most likely, Motorola is so further promote a kind of modular system and thus can make available to customers, to be able to make your own Smartphone based on various factors.