Motorola Razr Maxx-a Battery Monster without Equal (TV)

Web TV: Razr Maxx keeps the power for a long time and can tolerate a bit of water. A nice Android mobile that ends with a good grade.

Battery for Motorola Razr Maxx is on the whole 3,300 mAh, which provides enough power for MANY hours of operation. In our tests, we have been up over 42 hours without charging.

But in addition to having good battery life, is this Android smartphone a good acquaintance.

Nice 4.3 inch display, large internal memory of 16 GB and an 8 megapixel camera, are among the main points. Above here, you can view our web-TV feature on the Razr Maxx, and among other things, experience the interplay between computer and mobile, the ‘ smart ‘ actions as well as view Razr Maxx get wet.

Motorola Razr Maxx ends at five out of six stars.