Motorola Quench, We’Ve Tried It

Motorola announced during this MWC other mobile with Android and Motoblur, the Motorola Quench, and we approach a try.

The Motorola Quench It is a mobile size medium with a fairly casual aesthetic. The rear part of the housing is rubbery and has some pretty nice roughness that also make it non-slip, but if this format is not to the liking of the consumer, others, because the covers are interchangeable – they will go on sale covers all the colors. All this makes us think that it is a mobile focused the youth public.

The screen, a 3.1-inch capacitive and 320 x 480 pixels, responds correctly and is multitouch. The processor is not as fast as others – is a Qualcomm 528 MHz – but the truth is that the phone does not deteriorates and never seems to slow.

Possibly the biggest drawback of the Motorola Quench is that it comes with Android 1.5, When the 2.1 already begins to be numerous terminals, which can be a problem.

Motorola you have customized mobile with Motoblur, a useful way to synchronize the data of our contacts on the phone with the changes that are made on facebook, twitter…

The Motorola Quench at first glance it seems a mid-range Android; the most important problem that I personally see is that Motorola He said that they wanted to release 20 models with Android this year and with so much renovation, a small wait can give us more appropriate models for our needs.

In addition, there are other models, even of Motorola, best screens or most interesting designs that the of the Motorola Quench, Despite which is not a bad terminal if it ends up not being very expensive.