Motorola Multimedia Station, Unpacking &Amp; Operation

We have been reporting for days on the Motorola Milestone, better known as Droid, and on many occasions make allusion to their accessories, among which the Multimedia Station Motorola, so let’s talk a little bit of it, thanks to a video of unpacking and use with which Home Publishing.

This multimedia station has a connector for charging terminal, automatically detects the phone plug it, and change its interface by the created specifically for this accessory, updating information that will be displayed on the screen.

As we can see in the video, a generously-sized watch great occupies part of the screen, under the same time weather and your right a series of shortcuts that lead us to other features such as alarm, music or images in the form of presentation. Also features with a night mode so the display light does not bother us in the dark.

If you are curious, anytime we can access the other functions of the operating system, and remove the keyboard if necessary even when the phone is connected.

The question that many us through the head is if this attachment, without known price, is worth or not, I believe that as alarm clock and loading of the terminal is very interesting, but he had not been ill that will output of television or sound for multimedia use the invention.