Motorola Mirage (Shadow), Preliminary Information

It is possible that the eclipse Nexus One originating on Motorola Droid is not in good taste for the American company, a possible solution would be to introduce a better terminal, and already seems to arise the first information concerning.

We must bear in mind that we are talking about a significant rumor that is spreading across the network, which comes from China, and assumes the existence of a new terminal Android Motorola (it is rumored that you can use Windows Mobile 7), for it is shuffled a couple of names: Mirage and Shadow.

First details that stand out are a screen of 4.3 inches (3.7 on Droid) and a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels (WVGA as Droid). Also spoken in terms of power device It will support the playback of video in 1080 p format with an HDMI output.

Another detail that catches the eye is the thickness of 9 mm, a figure that is very good, especially taking into account the complaints in this regard by the Motorola Droid, with dimensions that are conditioned by the physical keyboard that incorporates. Also reporting to used a 8 mega pixel sensor for camera.

If we look at the rendered image that accompanies the news, is can Intuit that the lines are continuity with respect to the latest terminals, forming a more stylized version of the Motorola Droid.

The source ends up informing that the date of departure is scheduled for the first half of the year, and would become the flagship in the range of Motorola.