Motorola Milestone XT720, Formerly Motoroi, Comes to Europe and with Xenon Flash Dares

Is not a new terminal, but the Motorola Motoroi which was presented at the Mobile World Congress with destination South Korea, apparently the American company thought it was best and created this version initially European, which has given the name of Motorola Milestone XT720.

The main reason for removing it in other markets is that the phone is very valuable features that make it stand above the competition that we have in the market, and it’s the first Android phone that dares to carry Xenon Flash, with the advantages that we know that they solve they provide in difficult light situations.

If to this we add you a 8 megapixel camera with ability to record video in high-definition format 720 p (24 fps), I think the ensemble to earn enough points. But the thing is not here, because the new Milestone features HDMI output that makes the phone a super source of high definition video, is engraved by him, including memory, or from YouTube HD.

Following the technical specifications of the camera, it has auto focus with dedicated button, image stabilization, detection of smiles and faces, and 10 x digital zoom, practically what we can find in a compact camera with the advantage of connectivity and images geolocation that it can provide a mobile phone.

The design of the phone reminds us to the of the Motorola Milestone but without QWERTY keyboard, What has allowed slimming to the 10.9 mm. Its weight is 160 grams, and the overall dimensions: 60.9 × 115.95 × 10.9mm.

Motorola Milestone X 720, not Motoblur

A decision right from my point of view, will help that updates reach before, and honestly I do not I think an interface very achieved, perhaps interesting for more affordable phones, in fact so seems to orient it with the American company, which has just update it for your Motorola Flipout.

By the way, the version of the operating system is Android 2.1, We hope that soon the users have access to Froyo, at least slightly improved with respect to the Motoroi which had Android 2.0.

Second generation Android specifications

The Motorola Milestone XT720 presents a screen of 3.7 inches and a resolution of 480 X 854 pixels, which we could see in Droid/Milestone. In the part of process we have a chipset architecture ARM Cortex A8 550 Mhz 720 Mhz, If we go a little history of Motorola, will be signed by Texas Instruments OMAP3440 —. In regards to storage, the phone comes with Format microSD 8GB, and the slot is capable of reading up to 32GB.

You do not let you carry by the “MHz”, these chipsets have dedicated graphics acceleration and as we’ve seen in other developments such as the Palm Pre or the Droid, are completely current teams. What is not very clear is the amount of RAM in the device, in some media say that 256 MB, what seems rather low. Thanks to the josuearisty user, we can know that the RAM is 512 MB, I leave you with the link

The phone uses, as well as the new Flipout, proprietary technology CrystalTalk that improves the quality of sound on calls. The battery is 1390mAh and according to official data promises up to 4.5 hours of talk time with 3G connectivity.

The Motorola Milestone X 720 appears on the main European markets this quarter, I bet it will be for the month of July, we hope to know in a few days what operators are interested in taking their services. In United Kingdom, place from where to get the note of presses, it is rumored that Orange will be the first place in its offer.

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