Motorola Milestone Exclusively with Orange and Android 2.1

Good news for all those who are looking for a good Android phone, and it is that Motorola Milestone come to our market today, 22 March, and to end any doubt we inform you which makes it the hand of the operator Orange exclusive.

We have had access to this information at first hand, as Oscar Rodriguez, General Director of Motorola Spain, It has given us an interview for Engadget in which confirms this information, very corporate responses, but that can take some interesting details:

As expected the free price will be of 499 free euros, but with the interesting incentive to come with including multimedia station in the price. With Orange will be available under terms of the contract from zero euros.

The agreement with the operator will allow Motorola to have presence in physical stores, but it will also support the launch with a pre-booking program through the online channel of Orange.

Ahead of Nexus One, it will be the first Android 2.1 phone in our market, Although I’ve not liked is not anything clear the update from another terminal in the market, the Motorola DEXT.

Motorola has placed great confidence in him, taking into account the precedents of sales: 1.6 million units sold up to date him. It represents the largest exponent in the bet of the American company to use Android in its entire range of products.

Interesting to know from mouth of the Director-General in Spain which do not make use of Windows Phone 7 Series in the future, for them is a platform with great potential and reminds us that Microsoft has been a very important partner for them in the recent past.

For those who have doubts about future updates, or differences in treatment with terminals Google, responded that the decision not to include the tag “With Google” in the housing it was only due to logistical reasons that would have delayed the launch. We were also informed that Google Maps Navigation will be available when it appears in Europe.

We also know that the car holder available in our market, and in what regards other Android handsets, arrive in the future, but right now not can inform us in this respect, and that their priority is Motorola Milestone.

You asked for the results of Motorola DEXT, and although I can’t find a very enthusiastic response, I understand that the phone is wearing well on the market, I still think that bet on Android is the best Motorola has been able to do to get out of your situation.

Finally I inform that they will continue to work in Motoblur, the software development and customization of computers is important to them. Honestly is not an interface that appeals to me, but it gives rating to work on improving.

Back to the phone and the operator Orange, We inform you that pre-book terminal from today, can be March 22, exclusively through the web page of Orange.

Users who book Motorola Milestone may purchase compulsorily with a mobile Internet data rate Plus (12 euros/month) from zero euros portability to flat rate 24 h (59 euros/month fee) and stay of 24 months during which it will be necessary to maintain the same rate of voice 18 months.