Motorola Flipout, Android 2.1 and MOTOBLUR Enhanced to Compete with The Microsoft Kin One

Motorola Flipout, the last Android terminal of the American firm is a gadget stylish, compact and original, me personally I finished like the idea, but I recognize that it can work very well in the market.

As you can see in the video that then share its main feature found in your design, a mobile square with sliding keyboard rotating on the screen, we should also highlight that he counts with an update to the interface MOTOBLUR:

The size of the device is quite gotten, conditioned by its small screen of 2.8 (QVGA) pugadas. The keyboard is five-row QWERTY, in it we find a directional pad. For those who like customizable phone, the back cover is interchangeable, currently there are seven models available.

The engine of the new Motorola Android is a chipset Texas Instruments OMAP 3410 to 700 MHz, which is not bad if we take into account that it is based on an ARM Cortex A8 core, so it You can manage content Flash 10.1.

Another feature worth highlighting is the presence of technology CrystalTalk PLUS, a solution of double microphone that improves sound quality by removing the external noise. I think it is the first Motorola that opens this feature, and is the second Android Nexus One using something like.

Other well-known specifications are, 512MB ROM, 256MB RAM (somewhat limited), a camera of 3.1 megapixel camera with Flash, and a battery of 1170mAh. I leave you with a video of the actual operating terminal:

Motorola Flipout, competition from Microsoft Kin One

Not long ago we present the new Microsoft phones, I get the feeling that they will be in the same market as the Motorola Flipout, over the entire model Microsoft Kin One.

Both have small and square screens are equipped with sliding physical keyboard, and intended for a market of young users who want to stay connected to social networks from phone.

At first glance, I think the Android option is more interesting due to the range of applications available, otherwise are similar phones in which the taste of the user will have much to say. If you want to learn more about this unique phone, I leave the link to the presentation.

MOTOBLUR Android 2.1 and some improvements

The version of the operating system chosen for the occasion is Android 2.1, next to the MOTOBLUR user interface, which means that personalization is already adapted to this version by giving foot to see her in other developments.

What is interesting is that together with adaptation have been included some improvements that we collect in the following video, like the possibility to increase the number of desks, change the size of the boxes, or create filters for our social networks:

The Motorola Flipout you will reach the American market this month with the AT & T operator, and in a short time more will appear on the European market, we will keep you informed.