Motorola Droid X, Becomes The First Contact Socket

Although the Motorola Droid X It will be June 23 through the operator Verizon in the United States, some media as Engadget already have a unit that have been playing.

As we reported in the source, remained little know phone, probably we are before one of the phones with more leaks in recent days by what us already missing prints of first-hand and some video that draw conclusions. We started by video:

The sensations are more than good, it catches the eye a vast display of 4.4 inches, with a resolution of 854 × 480 pixels. In a first comparison with an iPhone 4, the size is much greater, but the resolution of Apple’s phone is unbeatable. We would say that this phone has the main competition the HTC EVO 4 G.

Include positive details of chosen capacitive screen its response and in the negative, we have a pretty reflective surface.

Motoblur adds to high-end phones

The operating system stays in Android 2.1, but for the first time in Motorola Motoblur interface appears in a high-end phone. We won’t discover anything at this stage of Google’s operating system, but we have great curiosity to see Motoblur, because it seems that he has improved in this last act.

We highlight the new bottom navigation bar to move through the desktops, as developments in regards to preloaded applications we find one blockbuster and other DLNA connections.

As it is already happening with other Samsung models includes keyboard Swype, of what is already known virtues, but multi-touch QWERTY keyboard option also works very well. See a video from the guys at Engadget:

The latest hardware

I like that they have chosen physical buttons for the navigation of the terminal keys, and we can read despite the size feels light in the hands. The phone comes with HDMI output, that is where a future dock to accompany the phone, as it already has the Motorola Droid will be connected.

According to Engadget is the phone that feels more powerful when it comes to moving the operating system and load applications, you may see debuts a powerful chipset, refers to the OMAP 3630 from Texas Intruments, do 1 GHz?, with GPU PowerVR SGX.

In regards to storage memory, we find ourselves with 8GB, and they have not had time to make important tests of battery.

The Chamber of the Motorola Droid X, at the highest level

The phone comes with a 8 megapixel camera with the ability to record video in 720 p format, We focus in touch form or with a button, too rigid for the taste of the person who has tried it.

Ultimately a Chamber at the height of what is the style these days, on the role better than an iPhone 4, and below a Nokia N8.