Motorola Devour, Officially Launched

Not a day has passed since we saw her box and met its specifications until it has been officially launched, the Motorola Devour is the second Android device for the operator Verizon in the United States. It is interesting that we submit it you because you end up appearing in our market in one way or another.

Few details we have that we have not counted in previous news, emphasizing that the version of the operating system is Android 1.6, and featuring the Motoblur user interface. Without knowing about the QWERTY keyboard works, we can already assess positively to include it, since along with the touch screen they represent a very full control/data entry system.

Like me who have chosen capacitive technology for your screen of 3.1 inches, and as novelty with respect to other phones in the House has an optical touchpad to help us in the navigation system.

An interesting comment on detail is that the previous Motorola that made use of the Motoblur interface using version 1.5 of Android, Motorola Devour to have 1.6 allows the use of Google Maps Navigation, Google Goggles, and the new Android Market.

The truth is that without being a dazzling terminal in its design, it has won many integers from the first few times that we had opportunity to see it, and we could qualify as the affordable brother of the Motorola Droid, let’s look at the rest of your specifications:

  • Accelerometer, Wi-Fi connectivity and receptor A-GPS.
  • Double microphone for noise cancellation.
  • 3.5 mm jack connector.
  • 3MP without auto-focus camera.
  • MicroSD card of 8GB (up to 32GB).
  • 1400 mAh battery.
  • Dimensions: 115.5 x 61 x 15.4 mm.
  • Weight: 180 grams (seems too heavy).