Motorola Calgary, Will Be Available in Different Colors

We had qualified to the Calgary as the ugly duckling within the batch of Androids that Motorola has prepared, and as if he had been personally been in a silver-colored it seems you feel something better, at least in contrast with the keyboard.

From the source they inform us that the terminal is going to sell in different colours, being the second Android device, after the HTC Tattoo, which dares to customizations or variety of colors.

Another novelty is found in the trackpad that incorporates at the front bottom, a detail that it will be good for navigation, and insurance will throw in lack users from the Motorola Droid. The keyboard also seems to have good looking, with appropriately sized and spaced keys.

I remember that we had the first news of it in the month of October, in black and without knowing that Android version would be installed, now at least we know that it has the interface MotoBlur from Motorola.

Also confirmed the specifications that we could share in his day:

  • Wifi connectivity and GPS receiver
  • 3 megapixel camera
  • Input headphone 3.5 mm
  • 1420 mAh Li-ion battery

His official presentation will take place at the next CES the coming week beginning.