Motorola Announces 2 GHz Processors and Gyroscopes in Your Android for End of 2010

Competition It is the best thing that can exist in a market. As a result appear every day great deals and great new features that do more than support the progress of their products, always in a positive way.

Last week Qualcomm We put the long teeth with rumors about dual core processors 1.5 Ghz each in future smartphones. Apple He presented on Monday the new generation of iPhone, which, for example, included series gyroscopes. Well make out gentlemen, coming Motorola.

Motorola was one Pioneer for decades when creating processors, in addition to creating the first “Walkie-Talkie” of history. Sanjay Jha, Motorola CEO, continued lengthening the legend of the company yesterday when he dropped, at a meeting of “Executives Club of Chicago”, all the new ideas that have in mind for the range of Android phones that are planning to launch here at the end of 2010.

The news, according to Jha, would be included in its innovations as much what can suck a smartphone today: 2 GHz processors (not specified if dual-core), gyroscopes similar to those announced Apple for their new iPhone 4, and similar to them that includes the added Wii Motion Plus for the command of the famous console Nintendo Wii.

In addition, these new terminals will bring I get graphics processors based on the platform NVIDIA Tegra, that you endure full Adobe Flash 10.1. These new Motorola will also enjoy the benefits of the recording and playback of HD videos, with HD displays and, at least 720 p video output. The new cameras of their phones will be of more than 5 megapixel of resolution.

This news is very positive, although a little scared thinking that in a few years can that we have mobile more powerful than a laptop and, above all, that the brand-new Nexus One, Motorola Milestone and iPhone that we both praise and worship now pass in “traces” part, as obsolete scrap (and you know that I’m not exaggerating).

What do you think of these statements?