Motorcycle Jackets for Women

Is he jackets for scooter and motorcycle?

No, there are no specific jackets to ride a scooter and others to drive a motorcycle. In fact, it is mostly your use: city driving or highway driving. Following is a question of look;

What a season for which jacket?

Categorized on, most motorcycle jackets are suitable for use four seasons as they have usually a warm lining that can be removed for sunny days.

In the winter, it is best to choose a jacket that covers both the lower back, hips see. Some models have more efficient thermal liners others against the cold.Ask your dealer.

In hot weather, there are also specific jackets for the summer with good ventilation. They do not have a thermal lining and they are made with a fabric mesh (perforated). But beware that says summer jacket waterproof jacket said no: if air can pass, the water passes too!

What are the differences between protecting a leather jacket and a textile jacket?

For shock protection

There is no difference in impact protection between a leather or textile jacket. Both jackets are provided with CE approved protectors on elbows and shoulders.

The dorsal EC is usually sold as an option. In fact, many jackets come with a dummy ridge. This is a simple foam that does not protect, it is simply there to report the location of the future dorsal CE approved. To find out if your jacket has a real backbone, simply out of its location and check if the CE marking is present.

For abrasion protection

A leather jacket will be more resistant to abrasion compared to the bitumen in a textile jacket. But rest assured, a motorcycle textile is also beefier a tissue of ready-to-wear jacket. It will protect you if you fall. It’s just that it will change because it will be too damaged while a leather may have been right to grate and can be reused.

The weather protection

Most leather jackets as textiles have a warm lining removable. Some thermal liners are more insulating than others (the price of the jacket can be an indication).
In rain, textile jackets usually have a membrane waterproof and breathable (Goretex, H2Out, Reissa, Hipora, etc.). The leather jackets are water repellent treated, they take a shower but if it rains a lot, it will simply think about putting a rain jacket over if you want to stay dry. Only jacket Helston’s Liane is designed with a membrane.

How to choose the right size?

A motorcycle jacket should not be too large otherwise the protections on the elbows and shoulders are poorly positioned and may not protect you properly if you fall.
Be careful not to take one size bigger to bring a sweater because the jacket will be too when you remove the thermal liner for sunny days.
Ideally, if you ride all year, summer and winter, we advise you to have two jackets. A jacket for the winter: quite long and hot, preferably textile for waterproofing, can be worn with a sweater without being cramped (but be careful not too great either). And a jacket for sunny days, shorter, with a more fitted cut close to the body as it will be worn with lighter clothes.