Mother’s Day Tip – Potato Mango Fisherman

Continuing our tips for Mother’s Day , today let’s talk about Pajama knit PV (67% Polyester and 33% Viscose). In addition to being very comfortable, this type of fabric makes the pieces nicer in cold weather and does not need to be washed after washing.

Other important advantages to note: it has more shine than cotton, satin touch, creates less pilling, and with this, has less deformity during the time of use.

Our Tip of today goes beyond the Pajama de Mesha PV, because besides the comfort we are always tuned the trends of the world of fashion. And in the last few months, thePOA  (the old classic “balls” of the 50’s), is back to the looks of this year 2016.

You can risk it from head to toe! More liberal, the new Poá appears in both skirts, as well as trousers, sweaters, dresses, bags, glasses, shoes, earrings, bikinis on the Estatelearning. And even in the nightclothes . There are versions of “Poás” mini, maxi, and  colored, as is the case of the model below, Mango fisher with Poá , super indicated to give the moms.

To know more about this piece, click on the image or visit our online store.

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