Most Comfortable Pajamas

Comfortable sleepwear is an essential asset to sleep well. The Orangerie reveals his tips for choosing your nightgown comfortable and quality.

An appropriate size

It seems useful to remember that the size of the garment must be adapted to the morphology of each one: too little nightgown will not allow a good night. L’Orangerie offers a wide range of sizes: from 2 to 14 years for children pajamas , pajama girl or pajamas boy, and s or XXL foradults pajamas , pajama man or pajamas woman. Some models are available from 6 to size L, and allow to adopt the look famous mother-daughter .

A pleasant material

For added comfort, all nightgowns Orangerie are cotton. According to biotionary, this material has all the advantages for kids to enjoy balmy nights, it’s comfortable, durable and at the same time easy to maintain.Cotton is a hypoallergenic fiber that lets your skin breathe. Our shirts of cotton nights so take care of your skin and your sleep.

Be “chic” to go to bed

Our shirts nights are refined, special care is given to the different details: piping finishing, embroidery, natural pearl collar buttons, ruffle cuffs … The cuts are worked: 3/4 sleeves or long, classical or neck Cache heart. It is the same for the Orangerie pajamas: low cuts, elastic or high for support, straight or flared cuts. Most of our models pajamas come in nightgowns and vice versa. Something to be the / most beautiful / good to go to bed while being comfortable.

If you wish you can complete your array of dreamy perfect by pajamas , the slippers ordressing gowns Orangerie. You have 7 days to exchange your order if this one does not suit you, enough to find the perfect gown.